Crews Responding to Gas Fire In Pikesville

Multiple people were injured after a gas explosion in Pikesville Friday afternoon.

Video Transcript

- All right, we continue to follow that breaking news out of Pikesville. A large gas fire there with multiple people injured.

- So let's go right back out to live to Paul Gessler. He is at the scene. Paul.

PAUL GESSLER: Well, we're learning more about the people who were injured in this. According to the Baltimore County Fire Department, there was a crew here working on the hole. We don't know who they were with, but three of those workers were injured, one of whom was injured critically. Two refused treatment on the scene.

And we are almost an hour and a half after this explosion happened, and you still see it is roaring, literally roaring coming out of the street. I will just stopped talking. Mate, if you could pod up some of the audio, it is making a really, really loud sound as it is coming out of the hole.


So you see some water over here to the right of the screen. They are not using that water on the fire itself. They cannot do that because it is a gas fire. They're really just have that water out to protect some of the neighboring homes and trees here on Stevenson Road. It is about a half mile or so north on Stevenson, north of the Beltway.

This fire was as high as 60 feet in the air when crews arrived here. It is still coming out of that hole. Three people injured, again. No threat to the neighborhood from what we are told. Let's take a look at-- let's take a listen to what a neighbor told us a little bit earlier.

- It's very scary because they've been working on the gas lines for a few days, so I'm assuming it has something to do with gas, which really scares me.

- I ran out of my home. I saw the fire. I got so scared. I just-- we-- we had to run out, and, you know, we just wanted to make sure we weren't going to-- our-- nothing was going to catch on fire on our end.

PAUL GESSLER: As intense as this fire is right now, we are told it is contained. Electrical lines above that fire are affected, of course, the trees along Stevenson. But we are told, again, there is no threat to the neighborhood at this point or the nearby school.

About 25 firefighters here remain, as well as hazmat crews to really make sure that this fire is contained just to that hole. BGE crews have been here on scene for a while now to shut off both electricity, which we are told has now happened. But we are waiting on them to turn off the gas. And when it does, we anticipate that fire out of that hole on Stevenson Road will go out pretty quickly. But for right now, it is still roaring. Rick and Denise?