Body of teen who went missing while swimming in Falls Lake recovered

The body of a 19-year-old swimmer has been recovered at Falls Lake in northern Wake County on Easter Sunday.

Video Transcript


ANDREA BLANFORD: Breaking news right off the top. A teenager is dead after a drowning at Falls Lake in Wake County. Tonight, crews are still on the water searching for that missing teen.

Good evening to you, and thanks for joining us tonight. I'm Andrea Blanford.

The call came in shortly before 6:30 this evening, deputies responding to the lake near Old Falls of Neuse Road. Eyewitnesses told authorities they were swimming with the 19-year-old victim near a rocky area of the lake when the teen called for help and went underwater. One of the teen's friends tried to rescue him but was not successful.

ERIC CURRY: We can gather right now it was in a cove that's popular with folks to go and swim and congregate. So that's where we're focusing our efforts right now. And we'll be here through much of the night.

ANDREA BLANFORD: Wake County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Eric Curry there tonight. The Sheriff's Office deploying a boat team equipped with sonar and infrared cameras.

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