What crimes happened near you in Fort Worth? This map can help you find out.

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Fort Worth had more than 870 crimes recorded by police between June 6 and June 12, according to data from police compiled into a map.

The top three crimes recorded in the city were theft at 156, assault at 96 and criminal mischief with 79. These crimes and others can be found on the crime map below.

The map displays the locations of crimes with multi-colored dots. Clicking a dot reveals information about the crime.

The map includes filters for different offenses, and selecting a filter allows users to focus on the occurrences of that crime.

Here is a searchable map of crimes committed in Fort Worth for the week of June 6th, 2021. To search the map for crimes in an area, just type in a Fort Worth address in the search field or zoom into an area of the map. Click the individual markers for more information on the crime. You can also filter for nature of crime. The City of Fort Worth provides the data.

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