'Criminal Minds' inspires another spin-off

The second spin-off on "Criminal Minds" will soon arrive on CBS.

CBS plans to draw upon the hit detective series and create a new drama which, if successful, could land a spot in the network's fall 2015 line-up.

After an unsuccessful first attempt in 2011 with "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior," America's most watched network is reviving the idea of a "Criminal Minds" spin-off.

This time, the show will focus on a division of the FBI that assists Americans in trouble abroad. Erica Messer, the screenwriter and producer behind the original series, will head up the spin-off, which is due to be introduced in the 19th episode of the current season, the show's tenth. Casting is currently underway.

CBS has a habit of expanding upon its most popular shows with spin-offs. "NCIS: New Orleans," the second spin-off on "NCIS," has been quite successful since its premiere last September. On March 4, the "CSI" franchise will gain a new member, "CSI: Cyber," headlined by Patricia Arquette.

In 2011, CBS had similar ambitions for its "Criminal Minds" spin-off, which failed to live up to the expectations despite Forest Whitaker's presence on the cast. "Suspect Behavior" was cancelled after 13 episodes.

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