Criminals like London Bridge attacker Usman Khan aren't 'capable' of being rehabilitated, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has said that some people like Usman Khan aren't 'capable' of being rehabilitated

Criminals like London Bridge attacker Usman Khan are not “capable” of being rehabilitated and shouldn’t be released from prison, according to Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister said while some people should always be given a chance, there are some who cannot be “changed”.

Mr Johnson’s comments come in the wake of the London Bridge terror attack on Friday, which saw convicted terrorist Khan stab Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt to death before being shot dead by armed police.

Khan killed Jack Merritt, 25, and fellow former University of Cambridge graduate Saskia Jones, 23 during his killing spree (Picture: PA)

Khan was attending a prisoner rehabilitation programme at Fishmongers’ Hall when he launched his attack with two knives whilst wearing a fake suicide vest.

He was tackled by members of the public, including a convicted murderer on day release, before he was shot dead by police.


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The attack has sparked a widespread political debate on rehabilitation and the system of releasing prisoners from jail.

Boris Johnson has previously said Khan was back on the streets because of laws introduced by a Labour “leftie government” but has been accused of “lying and misleading” in the wake of the tragedy.

The family of Jack Merritt including his father David (centre) take part in a vigil at the Guildhall in Cambridge to honour him and Saskia Jones who were both killed in the London Bridge terror attack. (Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images)

In an interview with ITV’s This Morning, Mr Johnson said it was “quite incredible” that Khan did not have to see the Parole Board before being released.

Asked if he should have been locked up and the key thrown away, he replied: “I think actually you must always try to rehabilitate people – you’ve always got to give people a chance…

“But there are some people, and I think probably this guy is one of them, who just are not capable of being changed and in his case the best thing for the public and for him was to keep him inside and it was wrong to have early release.”

Mr Johnson said despite the attack, Britain is “one of the safest countries in the world” and people shouldn’t feel unsafe.

He added: “Simple things like stopping the early release of serious and violent criminals, that’s what we’ve got to do.

“We’ve got to stop people coming out early and then committing the same sorts of crimes again.”