Cris Pannullo hits 'Jeopardy!' win-streak milestone, climbs all-time leaderboard

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On Friday's airing of "Jeopardy!," Cris Pannullo recorded his 20th consecutive win, reaching a milestone that puts him in a tie for sixth place on the hit trivia show's best-of-the-best rankings.

And if the Ocean City man can keep his impressive win streak alive and make it to Dec. 9's episode, he'll capture sole possession of the number 5 spot for most consecutive wins as recorded on the show's Leaderboard of Legends.

But, that's not the only best-of-ranking the customer success operations manager has earned during his two-month run on the game.

He's currently number 5 on the list of highest winnings for regular play with a running total of $710,865. He'll need to more than double that in order to take the fourth spot on that list. Last season's breakout star, Amy Schneider has $1,382,800 in regular play winnings.

Schneider, who secured the Tournament of Champions crown in November, is number 2 for consecutive wins — at 40, behind host Ken Jenning's record 74 wins — and is number 4 on the list of highest winnings including tournament play.

Impressively, Pannullo is also on that list, currently at number 7, despite not having played any tournaments yet.

Pannullo will get his chance next season to add to his total in that category. He's already secured a berth in next year's annual best-of-the-best competition.

His "Jeopardy!" run started on Sept. 30, and was interrupted for most of November while the show switched to the tournament episodes.

This article originally appeared on Cherry Hill Courier-Post: Cris Pannullo's 'Jeopardy!' win streak continues, now at 20