Crises Intensify on Both Sides of the Atlantic: Weekend Reads

Kathleen Hunter
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Crises Intensify on Both Sides of the Atlantic: Weekend Reads

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As the humanitarian crisis in Caracas intensified, Brexit talks became even more fraught, while fresh threats from U.S. President Donald Trump to close the U.S.-Mexico border sparked economic concerns. Dig into these and other topics in the latest edition of Weekend Reads. 

Trump’s Border-Shutdown Threat Risks Crippling Economic FalloutMike Dorning took a closer look at what might happen if the president ever makes good on his periodic threat to close the U.S.-Mexico border. Spiking avocado prices wouldn’t be the worst of it. Giuliani Earns Millions Telling Countries to Boost Police ForcesWhile he represents the president for free, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani travels the world consulting, giving speeches, and building his brand, Stephanie Baker reports.How Has Maduro Survived? With Lots of Help From Cuban OperativesThe men who ripped Carlos Guillen’s toenails out and tightened a plastic bag over his face at counterintelligence headquarters in Caracas were Venezuelan. But the officers overseeing his torture were Cuban. One Risky Birth Shows How Venezuelan Diaspora Strains Neighbors Matthew Bristow tells the story of a pregnant teen who braved rivers and gangs to reach a safe hospital, which is struggling to manage a stream of refugees.

Rape Casts Shadow Over Reconciliation 20 Years After Kosovo WarThe horrors of the conflict between ethnic Albanians and Serbs are still emerging two decades after NATO’s intervention. Andrea Dudik has a powerful account.  Trump Sidelined as Barr Mulls What in Mueller Report to ReleaseAttorney General William Barr has left Trump out of his deliberations over how much to release publicly from Robert Mueller’s investigation, Shannon Pettypiece and Chris Strohm report. China’s Influence Digs Deep Into Europe’s Political LandscapePeter Martin and Alan Crawford delve into China’s European political ties to show just how deep they go ahead of European Parliamentary elections in May.

Forged in War, U.S.-Turkey Friendship Sours Amid Mutual DistrustOnce a bulwark against the Soviet Union and a critical NATO member, Turkey is flirting with Russia in the era of Trump, Selcan Hacaoglu reports. 

And finally….Since 2012, Iceland’s visitor numbers have been growing an average of 32 percent each year. The country gets seven tourists for every local, with travel now contributing more than 10 percent to gross domestic product. But best to ignore everything Instagram shows you when planning an Icelandic getaway, and venture instead to the hidden places few travelers have ever seen. Brandon Presser explains how.


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