Cristo Rey High School Bringing COVID-19 Shots Directly To Students

The Big Apple has reached a new milestone. More than 8 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered. Teenagers are among the latest group being urged to get the shot. CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.

Video Transcript

- The city has reached a new milestone. More than 8 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered.

- But teenagers remain a target group still unvaccinated. CBS 2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas shows us what one Harlem school is doing about it.

AUNDREA CLINE-THOMAS: This is not your usual after school activity. Students at Cristo Rey High School are ending their day with a COVID vaccine as the school's cafeteria is transformed into a clinic.

JIMMY DELGADO: My history teacher, who convinced me to take the vaccine, wasn't really confident about it.

AUNDREA CLINE-THOMAS: Even if these students attended school in person, all of their instruction was remote. Bringing the shots to them was an effort to change that by the fall, especially since they get hands-on work experience as part of their curriculum.

Jimmy Delgado was the first in his family to get a shot, and now is hoping to be an example.

JIMMY DELGADO: I had family members who have passed away because of COVID. So that really impacted me. So the vaccine is our solution now.

DANIEL DOUGHERTY: I think our corporate partners are going through the same thing that we are, trying to get people vaccinated so that they can go back to their offices safely. And so the more of our students are vaccinated, the more easily they'll be able to reacclimate to the corporate environment.

AUNDREA CLINE-THOMAS: Across the city, more than 50,000 doses have been administered to 12- to 15-year-olds, a number Mayor de Blasio's expects will balloon with more targeted efforts.

BILL DE BLASIO: The more outreach we do, the more impact we're going to make.

AUNDREA CLINE-THOMAS: Major League Baseball stepped in at Cristo Rey, facilitating the partnership with CVS, even bringing in former Major Leaguers Yonder Alonso and Todd Zeile to motivate the students as an added bonus.

YONDER ALONSO: One step in the right direction at a time can get you to a great career, great opportunities in life.

AUNDREA CLINE-THOMAS: One shot down and one more to go as students and staff prepare for life and a new and much safer normal. In East Harlem, Aundrea Cline-Thomas, CBS 2 News.