Critically ill mountain lion cub rescued in California

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Wildlife officials rescued a critically ill mountain lion cub in Northern California and veterinarians named her “Holly” for the holiday season as they treat her in intensive care, the Oakland Zoo said Tuesday.

A Santa Cruz resident noticed the cub on her property on Monday and alerted the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, the zoo said in a Twitter thread. Wildlife officials waited to see whether the cub's mother would return and took the animal to the zoo when she did not.

The zoo's veterinarians estimate that the cub is three to four months old and critically ill. She was treated with fluids, vitamins and medication. While that improved the cub's bloodwork, she still isn't standing or moving around often, the zoo said.

“We are hopeful she continues to improve but are taking it very much day by day," the zoo said.

The goal is to release animals back into the wild but with severely sick or young cubs like Holly, the zoo said, veterinarians are dedicated to “caring for them until they recover enough to find suitable forever homes.”