Crowd cheers as Trump attacks Nancy Pelosi after assault on House speaker’s husband

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Supporters of former president Donald Trump cheered when he mentioned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday evening after her husband Paul was attacked in their home in San Francisco.

Mr Trump mentioned Ms Pelosi while speaking at a rally in Miami for Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Mr Trump made the remarks when criticising many of the cases that are being brought up against him in New York, Georgia and by the FBI.

“This was just a group of people where Crazy Nancy Pelosi by the way, how she doing lately,” Mr Trump said.

The former president’s words come after David Depape allegedly broke into the House Speaker’s home in San Francisco last month and assaulted her husband Paul when he reportedly was looking for the House Speaker.

Mr Trump has previously spoken about the attack on the House Speaker’s wife and threw out baseless conspiracy theories about it.

“Wow, it’s — weird things going on in that household in the last couple of weeks. Probably, you and I are better off not talking about it. The glass it seems was broken from the inside to the out so it wasn’t a break in, it was a break out. I don’t know, you hear the same things I do,” he said on the Chris Stigall radio show.