Crowd Gathers After Law Enforcement Fatally Shoots Man In Uptown Minneapolis

It happened this afternoon on top of the parking ramp for what was formerly called Calhoun Square, near the intersection of Lake and Hennepin, Marielle Mohs reports (3:01). WCCO 4 News At 5 - June 3, 2021

Video Transcript

- We are getting a live look in Minneapolis at the scene of a deadly officer involved shooting in Uptown. It happened this afternoon on top of the parking ramp for what was formerly called Calhoun Square near the intersection of Lake and Hennepin. Thanks for watching WCCO, also, streaming on CBSN Minnesota. Marielle Mohs joins us live after speaking with people who saw this all happen. Marielle, what can you tell us?

MARIELLE MOHS: Well, Jeff, we know, right now, that one man is dead, and police have blocked off the scene here in Uptown along Lake Street as they investigate in that parking ramp behind me on the top floor. Now, you can see that there's a growing crowd of protesters behind me here. Now, without knowing any information of who this man that is dead, they are angry.

They're hostile at the police. They're worried that this is an unjustified killing. But at this point, we don't know that. Now, this block, as I mentioned, between Fremont and Hennepin of Lake Street is closed off.

You might not recognize the parking ramp, but you'll certainly recognize what's along this strip. It's a very popular nightlife area. You have Libertine Bar and Restaurant, LA Fitness, Target, as well as Stella's Fish Cafe. And because of the incident that's happened here, today, and the growing crowd, Stella's has already decided to close for the night.

Now, here's what we know so far. This incident, the shooting happened just after two o'clock. We know one man is dead, and then a witness told me that a woman was taken away, bleeding in an ambulance. This all took place on the top level of a five story parking ramp in Uptown along Lake Street.

We're also being told that this was a US Marshal run task force that tracks down wanted or suspected criminals to make high risk arrests. They work with local law enforcement, like Hennepin County and Minneapolis Police, to make these task force complete. And we know that Hennepin County deputies played a role. We just don't know exactly what that role is right now.

Minneapolis Police tell us, it was not their officer that took the fatal shot here. Now, as I mentioned earlier, this ramp is right across the street from Stella's Fish Cafe. I spoke with a bartender who was serving customers on the rooftop of the fish cafe at the time of the shooting. He and customers ducked, taking cover, thinking their lives were in danger.

DULCHE HARMSTON: This is the parking garage, where it happened. It's right on the top level. We're about eye as the same thing. So right at the edge of it, we heard about, like I said, eight to 12 shots. We saw one girl, a female, taken out of the van in handcuffs, and then we heard that there was another male there. CPR was being performed.

- Now to just walk you through the scene a little bit, again, this is a crowd that is growing, but it's remained peaceful. There's no hostility. We did hear chanting earlier. But for right now, I think everyone is just sort of sitting around, waiting to get more information from law enforcement on exactly what happened.

I do know that two peace activist groups are out here right now, We Push For Peace and A Mother's Love. They're here to de-escalate if anything gets aggressive or unfolds in this area. Reminder, this block of Lake Street is closed off between Fremont and Hennepin. Avoid it, if you can, because traffic's pretty gridlocked in the area. Jeff?

- All righty, thank you for that update, Marielle. We'll check back in ahead of our news at six o'clock.