Crowd Removes Mysterious Monolith From Outside San Diego Shopping Center

A tall silver monolith appeared near a parking lot close to the Scripps Ranch Marketplace shopping center in San Diego, California, before it was removed by a group of people on December 8.

This video, recorded by Benjamin O’Brien, shows a group of six people lifting the monolith out of the ground and taking it away. O’Brien told Storyful he was just excited to see the monolith and doesn’t know any of the people that took it.

“I’ve followed it on the news since it showed up in Utah a month ago,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien said he was surprised people were able to remove the object because it was lodged so deep in the ground.

“It was kinda funny but yet shocking because of the amount of people it took to carry and how much effort they put into getting into the car,” he said.

In recent weeks these tall shiny objects have been popping up around the world. They have been seen most recently in El Paso, Texas; Isle of Wight, United Kingdom; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Credit: Benjamin O’Brien via Storyful