Crowd Shouts at Police in Hong Kong's Tai Koo Station

Anti-government rallies were held at several locations across Hong Kong on the evening of October 3, after reports emerged of a proposed ban on the use of face masks during protests, The South China Morning Post reported.

The most fractious scenes were in the wealthy neighborhood of Tai Koo, the Post said, with tear gas being used after crowds confronted police.

Footage here shows a crowd chanting and shouting at a small group of police officers inside Tai Koo metro station. Outside, near King’s Road, the South China Morning Post said police fired tear gas at protesters and made arrests after a crowd charged at riot police. See video here.

The violent scenes came two days after a young protester, Tsang Chi-kin, was shot in the chest by a police officer. He has since been charged with rioting and assault, but remains in the hospital. Credit: @haritho via Storyful