Crowds clash with police in third consecutive night of protests of the killing of Daunte Wright

Protesters demanded justice for slain 20-year-old Daunte Wright and gathered in front of the Brooklyn Center, Minn., police headquarters for the third day of demonstrations after the resignations of police officer Kim Potter and Police Chief Tim Gannon.

Video Transcript

- Tim Gannon thought that he could put up a blue line banner, and keep his job.


- Kim Potter thought that she can kill a man, and keep her job.


- But like Eli said, we don't want the resignation. She needs to be fired.


- I don't want her to get her pension. She needs to be fired.


- And after that, she needs to go behind bars.


- We need these charges--

- I'm tired of this. We're not even comfortable to even walk to the park anymore. And my children-- I don't want my kids to go through this situation. That's why I'm out here today. I got off of work, and I ran down here to contribute. I'm worried about my children. I'm worried about myself. This is a chaos, guys.

- Daunte Wright!

- Resignation, we don't care. That cop can kill, and then resign. That means nothing. We don't give a damn whether that cop resign or not. Excuse my expression, but it means nothing. If everybody keeps getting away with the killing, and getting away because you're a cop and you have laws to protect you, that means more cops will continue to do the same.

What we want is a message. We don't want-- we have to send a message, so that the next cop that will take a gun to shoot-- you will think twice.

BEN: Justice-- Their family's not going to get justice. Just because-- just because she resigned, it doesn't mean-- it's not going to bring their baby back. It's not going to bring that child's father back, you know. And just like in past cases, it's not going to bring anyone's family member back. Things need to change on a systematic level.

Tonight, I think it's going to-- it's probably going to take a turn for the worse. I mean, it has been, unfortunately. Because people are angry. People are super angry out here, and I don't blame them, you know. This is all pent up anger over years, and years, and years, and years. And you can't just fix it in a couple of nights.

NAKIMA LEVY ARMSTRONG: We asked for the city manager to be fired. We asked for the chief to be fired. We asked for Kim Potter to be fired. And both the chief, and Kim Potter resigned-- which, I still want them to be fired. But they're no longer on the force, and the city manager was fired. That's the victory for the people. We're not done yet, because we want Kim Potter to be charged for killing Daunte Wright. But the fact that the people keep coming out-- keep persevering-- that's a victory in light of the oppression that we're currently experiencing. And what Daunte experienced at the hands of the Brooklyn Center Police Department.



BRANDON PULPHUS: The people of Minnesota are going to justice into our own hands, and make sure everybody burns all over again until we get what we need. We've got to see-- we got to see accountability, we got to see people--

- That's illegal.

BRANDON PULPHUS: We got to see all this over with, man. Straight up. Our people are protesting peacefully. They're firing tear gas at us. They're firing concussion grenades. We'll be here tomorrow. We'll be here next week. That's all there is to it. We're just standing here, trying to-- trying to see somebody held accountable for what they've done, what they've been doing for years-- for generations since we've got here, you know. So it is what it is.