Crowds form at Wisconsin primary as Bernie Sanders warns 'dangerous' election 'disregards public health experts'

Alex Woodward
AFP via Getty Images

Bernie Sanders says that Wisconsin's in-person primary election voting is "dangerous" and "disregards the public health experts" as people across the state crowd polls despite warnings against large gatherings and a statewide stay-at-home measure during the coronavirus pandemic.

The state's Republican leadership and conservative majority on the state Supreme Court blocked last-minute efforts postpone the election, as many states have done, with millions of Americans being directed to shelter in place and avoid crowds.

Senator Sanders will not be hosting any traditional campaign events on Tuesday.

He said it's "outrageous" that state officials "are willing to risk the health and safety of many thousands of Wisconsin voters ... for their own political gain".

In-person voting could "very well prove deadly," he said.

Long and crowded lines of people — many not wearing masks or bound by "social distancing" measures to keep people at least six feet apart — have formed across Milwaukee, the state's largest city, which has just five polling sites, down from 120.

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