Crowds Of Kids On Bikes 'Playing Chicken With Cars,' Police Across Delaware Valley Warn

Alicia Roberts reports.

Video Transcript

- Also at 5:30, dangerous conditions for drivers on the road. The reason? Children and teenagers riding their bikes in and out of traffic. The problem is being reported across the region, including in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

- Eyewitness News reporter Alicia Roberts is in Bensalem, where police are cracking down on the behavior. Hi, Alicia.

ALICIA ROBERTS: On Thursday, Bensalem police launched an online reporting tool for residents and drivers to report this bad bike behavior. The problem is not just happening here, and officials warn it will only get worse as the weather gets warmer.

JASON GITTENS: Our kids are out riding their bicycles. We really want the parents to be aware If their kids say they're going out for a bike ride, potentially this would be something that they could be doing.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Gloucester Township officials with that warning for parents. Video posted on their YouTube page shows dozens of juveniles on bikes weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, and doing wheelies as trucks and cars dodge them along Somerdale Road.

JASON GITTENS: It is very, very dangerous.

ALICIA ROBERTS: And it's not an isolated incident.

- The community is really concerned as far as a child getting hurt.

ALICIA ROBERTS: Across the Delaware, Bensalem's director of safety describing what's happening.

FRED HARRAN: These kids are playing chicken with the cars. They're being seen with the people, you know, cursing at them, screaming at them.

NANCY MACGUIRE: And they're rude. They don't respect anyone. It's not kids having fun, because they're in the street and they're dangerous.

ALICIA ROBERTS: And as for why, one answer keeps coming up.

- I've been seeing them ride up and down with their iPhones out making TikToks.

ALICIA ROBERTS: But officials aren't liking this internet trend, instead taking a stand against the swarms.

FRED HARRAN: A lot of the things they're doing are motor vehicle violations.

ALICIA ROBERTS: With Bensalem police already handing out multiple citations and taking bikes. Philly police also tell us they've confiscated more than 150 ATVs and bikes since the start of the year. To report the bike crowds here in Bensalem, we've posted a link on our website. Reporting in Bucks County, Alicia Roberts, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.