Crowds subdued in cold, pandemic-era Mardi Gras

Despite canceled parades and closed bars amid the pandemic, there were signs of celebration in New Orleans on Mardi Gras. Revelers strolled the French Quarter and residents handed out trinkets to those looking at decorated "house floats." (Feb. 16)

Video Transcript

KARLA GOMEZ: We're still going to have a good time, be safe. And hopefully, you know, we want to support the local businesses and--

- Yeah.

KARLA GOMEZ: --and have a good time.

STEPHANIE CANTRELL: And so we drove down St. Charles and we did all that stuff yesterday. But I really-- it's been really fun to do the House Float here and to see-- the best is when you're, like, fixing stuff up, or you're up on the, up on the porch, and you can hear people that walk by and, like, guffaw. Like, there's nothing better than a guffaw.

- Three layers, three layers on top.

- Go for it, yeah. If it sticks, it goes.

- At Sailor's House, it was really cool.

- Woo!

DEREK GORSUCH: House Floats is here to stay, it is. Because not everybody likes parades, but everybody loves Mardi Gras.

- You got paint in there, you've got glitter, you've got hot glue.

DEREK GORSUCH: It's still surreal. Like, we've been working nonstop for two months now, but it's still-- I look at these and it's a surreal thing.