The Crown: What are the Ibble Dibble game rules?

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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If there's two things we're doing a lot of right now, it's board games and watching The Crown. Thanks to lockdown restrictions, we're having to make our own fun at home, which has involved lots of puzzles, Netflix binge-watching and house-based dinner party games.

So when the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana started playing a game of Ibble Dibble during episode two of season four of The Crown, we HAD to learn the rules. Anyone else?

Ibble Dibble game rules from The Crown

What you'll need

  • A cork

  • A lighter or matches

  • Drinks

The rules

Sit in a circle, and burn the end of your cork so that it blackens. Everyong gets an Ibble Dibble-based name, with a number attached. E.g. One Ibble Dibble, Two Ibble Dibble, Three Ibble Dibble and so on.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Start the game with bare faces, with one person reciting the specific tongue-twister to kick things off. The rhyme in question for One Ibble Dibble would go something like this:

"One Ibble Dibble with zero Ibble Dibbles calls five Dibble Ibble with zero Dibble Ibbles."

The cork would then move to player five, who would say (the bold words will change throughout the game):

Five Ibble Dibble with zero Dibble Ibbles calls two Ibble Dibble with zero Dibble Ibbles."

When a player messes up - pauses, stutters, gets their Dibble and their Ibbles the wrong way around, or says the number of Dibble Ibbles someone has on their face wrong, not only do they have to take a drink, but they get a black dot on their face.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Which is, er, why the Thatcher scene is so awkward – she took so long to play along, that it ruined the pace and speed of the game and sort of killed off the fun.

The game gets sillier the longer you play thanks to more drinks being consumed (drink responsibly), and the winner is the player with the least amount of Dibble Ibbles on their face. Hilarious.

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