Are cruise passengers required to vaccinate?

This will be the first cruise to leave Galveston Island since the start of the pandemic, but there will be some new rules in place.

Video Transcript

- Taking a cruise, you definitely want to pack that vaccine card into your suitcase. And you know, in about a month, the Carnival breeze the ship here behind us will be the second Carnival ship to leave Galveston.

The company says though, if you're going to go on in ships, you're going to need a covid-19 vaccine. But it's confusing to cruise passengers, who thought the governor says that you can't do this. But as we found out, that may not be the case.

After more than a year and a half, David and Janet Rogers can't wait to take their kind of vacation.

- I love the cruise. We cruise usually at least once a year. Typically twice a year. Out of Galveston, sometimes we go to Miami. Workers people. We love to cruise.

- The couple booked a cruise but the departure date keeps getting changed.

- Last week got canceled. So-- but, yeah. Ready to go. I already got my vaccine. I'm ready to get on the ship now.

- Vaccination proof is what you may need to enjoy a cruise. Carnival just confirmed cruising will restart in Galveston on July 3rd. To board, you need to show covid-19 vaccination proof.

- I think some people it might irritate them a little bit, but that's what it's coming to.

- I'm not vaccinated currently right now. But I mean, if it was going to be meaning to go on a cruise and enjoy some time and be able to know intermingle with others, and just knowing that the elderly would be involved.

- The protocol was announced the same day Greg Abbott signed a bill banning businesses from asking for vaccination proof. ABC 13 legal expert Steve Shellie's says since the cruise line falls under federal authority, it could require proof. In fact, Carnival told ABC 13 it's reviewing the legislation but plans to follow CDC guidance. In terms of mask and social distancing, port of Galveston leaders say it's still being discussed.

- What they're saying is they think that's going to change again. So they're hoping for some more relaxation of the regulations because this is getting to be very hard to track.

- No matter the regulations, the Rogers hope the latest cruise isn't canceled.

- I'm stupid excited to get back on the ocean, and see a lot of Galveston. And get back to that blue Caribbean water.

- So what's even more confusing? Carnival says you have to have a vaccine. But Royal Caribbean, which is to set sail in August out of Galveston says you don't. However, if you're going on a Royal Caribbean cruise and you're not vaccinated, you have to go through even more protocols including testing.