Cryogenic arm developed to survive lunar nights

A California company has designed a robotic rover arm that can function in temperatures as low as -279 degrees Fahrenheit to survive lunar nights. (Feb. 24)

Video Transcript

TOM MCCARTHY: So our company, Motiv Space Systems, in Pasadena, California-- so just a few miles from JPL-- is basically a space-robotics provider, and we do motion control. So basically if it moves on a spacecraft or a rover, that's something that we can do. That's what we're good at.

One of the things that we've engaged in recently with partners JPL again is a cryogenic robotic arm that can operate on the moon throughout the night-- survive the night and then operate through the lunar night. And so in order to do that, you have to incorporate some technologies that can operate at, like, minus 180 degrees Celsius.

We're hopeful that some of the technology that comes out of this development for cold arm and as it's demonstrated on the moon in a few years that that becomes technology that can be infused into a whole array of Artemis program.