Crypto trading firm GSR launches new bitcoin hedging product

Carol Gaszcz
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Algorithmic digital assets trading and market making company GSR announced the launch of its new bitcoin hedging product. Bitcoin Variance Swaps allow investors, traders and companies alike to hedge their portfolios against bitcoin volatility.

“We are introducing a new product into the world of digital assets that allows traders, investors, businesses or anyone who holds a serious portfolio, to hedge against and take advantage of one of the most common and intimidating parts of crypto markets: volatility,” said Cristian Gil, Co-Founder of GSR.

Cryptocurrency volatility is nothing new—just at the beginning of April, bitcoin saw a 200 per cent increase in volatility. Bitcoin Variance Swap will let investors take advantage of it.

According to Gil, instruments that exist in traditional finance still haven’t reached the realm of digital assets. “We believe that this product will be a mainstay of portfolio managers in the months and years to come,” he said.

Earlier this month, GSR released an algorithm to prevent wash trading for exchanges.