Cryptocurrency Slays Cash and Cards as Lunch Money in IMF Twitter Poll

Ben Brown
Cryptocurrencies will be the most commonly used payment method for everyday transactions in five years, according to an IMF poll. | Source: Shutterstock

56% of people think we’ll be using cryptocurrency to pay for lunch in five years, according to a Twitter poll by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

While Twitter polls aren’t exactly scientific, they’re a fair gauge of public opinion, especially when conducted by a reputable institutional like the IMF. With 37,660 votes, there’s a clear demand for a future built on mainstream crypto payments.

It comes as the IMF adopts an increasingly open approach to digital currencies. The global financial authority recently announced a test blockchain for staff members to experiment with cryptocurrency tech.

Crypto beats cash and mobile payments

In the Twitter poll, the IMF asked users: “How do you think you’ll be paying for lunch in 5 years?”

Cryptocurrency was the clear leader with 56 percent (21,089 votes), beating mobile phone (27 percent) and bank card (9 percent). It suggests that demand for cryptocurrencies is way beyond the existing banking infrastructure.

We should point, however, that Twitter polls are easily manipulated. One glance at the 1,000+ comments, and we can see the XRP army is out in force. A targeted campaign by Ripple’s XRP supporters may therefore have positively influenced the results.

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