CT Schools Reopening Plan 2020: School Year Shortened

Brian McCready
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CONNECTICUT — With the focus on early August for a decision on reopening schools in Connecticut, some developments continue to trickle out.

On Tuesday, it was revealed the state Board of Education voted to allow school districts to shorten the upcoming school year from a mandated 180 days to 177, reports the Connecticut Post.

The thinking behind the three-day reduction is that more staff training is needed because there may be either a full return to school, a hybrid model of some students back at school and some at home, or all students learning from home.

Gov. Ned Lamont said a decision on what the school year will look like is expected to be announced in early August, but he said that may change depending on the infection rate at the start of the school year.

The CT Post reports the three days can only be used at the start of the school year, which is usually the last week in August for most districts.

In a memo, state education officials said the three days would "provide staff and families with additional time to build capacity to safely transition back to in-person services." Specifically, the three days could be used for professional development or ensuring all safety measures are fully implemented, according to the state memo as cited by the CT Post.

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Connecticut's coronavirus infection rate is among the nation's lowest but there are concerns due to cases surging across the country, especially in the South, Midwest and West.

Fox 61 reports 50,000 students across Connecticut don't have access to a computer and nearly 30,000 don't have internet access. The state plans to buy an additional 12,000 computers costing $4 million via federal funds, Fox 61 reports.

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