CU Boulder Student Group Demands Change When It Comes To Getting A Firearm

Students at the University of Colorado Boulder rallied on Monday, exactly one week since the King Soopers shooting which killed 10 people. The group Students Demand Action read the names of all 10 victims at the start of the rally and then led a moment of silence.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: Students at CU Boulder rallied today in the wake of the devastating mass shooting at the King Soopers. The group Students Demand Action started the rally by reading the names of the 10 victims.

- We remember Eric Talley, Rikki Olds, Denny Strong, Teri Leiker, Neven Stanisic, Tralona Bartowiak, Suzanne Fountain, Kevin Mahoney, Lynn Murray, and Jody Waters.

JIM BENEMANN: They followed the reading of the names with a campus-wide moment of silence. The group is one of several advocacy groups calling for stricter background checks to buy guns.