Cuban hotel looks to thriving LGBTQ+ tourism

Welcome to Cuba's LGBTQ-friendly hotel

Location: Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

The Gran Muthu Rainbow hotel caters specifically to the LGBTQ community

The hotel is privately owned and operated

but it is promoted by the Cuban government


"This is the first resort in the Caribbean that's targeted for LGBT people. I've been to various resorts in other islands where you don't feel very comfortable but this resort is great because you feel comfortable, you feel welcome and it's great to tap into this industry because you get a lot of people from Canada who are looking for a safe space to come. Especially in the Caribbean and it's nice to feel welcome and to feel very much like you are part of the community and welcome into the community and the people of the resort respect you and they respect the partners that you have and it's just been very, very nice."

In recent years, Cuba has made great strides for the LGBTQ+ community

such as banning discrimination in the workplace

But proposals to recognize unions between people of the same sex

have been stagnant for years

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