Cubs Fans Happy To Be At The Ballgame, Even With COVID Restrictions

CBS 2's Brandon Merano reports fans were excited, even with social distancing and other COVID restrictions in place at Wrigley Field.

Video Transcript

- So how safe did fans feel inside the ballpark? CBS 2's Brandon Merano is outside Wrigley Field with their perspective. Brandon?

BRANDON MERANO: Erica, fans I talked to today really had no concerns. Even though it's a much smaller crowd than a normal home opener, people who've been coming to opening day their whole lives or for the first time we're excited.

ANNOUNCER: And now, your 2021 Chicago Cubs!

BRANDON MERANO: For the first time in two seasons--

- Peanuts, peanuts hear! Peanuts, peanuts!

BRANDON MERANO: --people picking up their peanuts, preparing for opening day at the ballpark.

- For real, I'm happy to be back at Wrigley Field.

BRANDON MERANO: Some people enjoying their first time.

Who's your favorite Cub?

- Anthony Rizzo.

BRANDON MERANO: Others, like Ned Colleran and his mom, are seasoned veterans.

NED COLLERAN I have a season ticket. So this is my tenth year of holding season tickets. My mom's been coming here for a good-- I think this is our 50th-- 1960--

- Three.

NED COLLERAN: 1963. She hasn't missed an opening day yet.


NED COLLERAN: We took her last year.

BRANDON MERANO: This year, the old in-person feeling, with some extra precautions inside Wrigley.

CARLOS MORENO: They have zip tied four seats down, and then two right there, and then there's, like, people on that side.

- And then, people can't sit in front of us.

CARLOS MORENO: Yeah, people can't sit in front of us right here-- there are zip ties-- and behind us.

BRANDON MERANO: Precautions Carlos Moreno and his wife are thankful for, because they're about to welcome a baby boy.

CARLOS MORENO: We've been coming to the home opener for, like, five or six years now.

BRANDON MERANO: Now, Carlos and his wife hoping to bring their baby boy to the ballpark in the next few months. But with the recent spike in COVID cases, the decision to leave people coming here to the ballpark and the bars ultimately rests with the city. We're live at Wrigley Field, Brandon Merano, CBS 2 News.

- Thank you, Brandon.