Cubs Welcoming Back Fans At 100% Capacity At Wrigley Field Friday

The Cubs are welcoming back crowds at 100% capacity for the first time since September 2019.

Video Transcript

RYAN BAKER: Well, you can bet Wrigleyville is going to be hopping today as the Cubs welcome a 100% capacity crowd back to Wrigley Field for the first time since September of 2019.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: That is 41,000 fans ready to cheer on the Cubs, and it's perfect timing against their rival Cardinals.

RYAN BAKER: Can't get any better, right?

MARIE SAAVEDRA: It could not plan out better. Cubs Senior Vice President of Communications Julian Green joins us live from Wrigley. And Julian, for fans who are so excited, I know that's the overwhelming emotion, but what safety protocols can these fans expect?

JULIAN GREEN: Oh, well, look, the good news is Chicago is opening up today. Many of these safety protocols are being lifted, including the mask. And so if you are a fully vaccinated fan, you don't have to wear a mask at the ballpark today, and I know that's welcomed news to a number of people who have come to Wrigley Field over the past month and have had to mask up. Obviously, we'll still have sanitation stations, and we'll still do things like contactless entry as well as also contactless concessions. And so some of those things will still be in place, but your regular ballpark experience will just be the same.

RYAN BAKER: Well, you guys are calling this home opener Opening Day 2.0, Julian. So it's almost like you're hitting the reset button. I know not having fans all of last year during the shutdown and limited crowds has really hurt the bottom line, but talk about the impact it's going to have on the players having a full crowd-packed Wrigley Field for the Cubs on the field certainly against the Cardinals.

JULIAN GREEN: Sure. I mean, some of the players have already said it with 60%. I mean, this place was rocking against the San Diego Padres, who you guys probably remember we swept. So it's already been rocking. And so imagine that we'll have upwards of 30.000, 40,000 fans in this ballpark. I mean, it's like the days of old. I mean, there is no better place to play baseball in this country than Wrigley Field, and it's going to be on display against our rival, the St. Louis Cardinals, especially as we battle for first place.


RYAN BAKER: You have another one?

MARIE SAAVEDRA: I was going to ask I know that people-- I'm going to admit it. I was looking for tickets now that things are opening up. And you can look for-- it's not just a pot or it's not just a set number of games. Now, with capacities open, you can get a ticket for any game at this point, right?

JULIAN GREEN: You can, just go to We were being very limited with tickets prior to opening up to full capacity, but today, you can buy tickets throughout for the season, including September. So if you're a Cubs fan, and you've been waiting to come back to Wrigley Field, no matter where you are in the United States, go to and get tickets, including for today's game. We still have tickets available for this series. And like I said, it's going to be a great weekend experience. Hall of Famers Bill Murray singing the seventh-inning stretch.


JULIAN GREEN: We got the Cubs Dixieland Band coming back. We're going to have a first pitch today by the Hall of Famers Andre Dorsett and Fergie Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg. Ryan, you know these guys. You talk to them. So it's going to be a really great experience today. We just want everyone to come back.

RYAN BAKER: And it's going to be 90 degrees-plus, so the adult beverage will be flowing too, all of it. What are we doing after the show? Julian, you got to seats for us out there?


JULIAN GREEN: Hey, come join me after the game. You know where to find me at. But yeah, everything's going to be flowing, concessions. Yeah, in fact, we're talking about concessions. If you're looking for a job, a lot of industries-- yeah, we're looking for people. We had seasonal employment. So college kids if you're back home, reach out to us. There are jobs available if you want to be part of this experience and get a job.

So we're ready. We're opening up, and we want to make sure that we can take care of these fans and get some of those tasty food and beverages in their tummies.

RYAN BAKER: All right, Julian Green, vice president communications for the Cubs, thanks for joining us this morning. Wrigley back at full capacity as the state and the city in it's phase five reopening. Have a great day, Julian.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: Thanks, Julian.