Culinary Aficionados and Stoners Alike Will Love This Cadillac of Herb Oil Infusers

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Scouted/The Daily Beast/Levo.
Scouted/The Daily Beast/Levo.

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Garden fresh basil infused into olive oil? Yes. Smooth, creamy chive butter? Mess me up. Or, if it’s your speed, a calming marijuana-spiked gummy or brownie? Where do I sign up? Almost magically, the Levo II will do all of the above (and much more), making homemade gourmet infusions a cinch.

As is usually the case, homemade reigns supreme over commercially-made products. But until now, the process of infusing was laborious and prone to easy-to-make errors that would spoil the batch (like overheating). Levo II makes infusing oils and butter streamlined and goof-proof. Although the instructions seem complicated, once you’ve got the gist of it, the process is so easy.

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If you use fresh garden herbs, the machine can be set to dry them first. If you’re using Mary Jane—now legal in 38 states—this activates the herbs first. Then the infusion begins! You add herbs to a little tea-strainer-type container, which hangs neatly in the infusion chamber. Choose a base such as ghee, honey, or any type of oil, and place it in the larger chamber. Then, pick your settings—or let the Levo pick for you. Everything is sleek and electronic and within a few hours, the machine notifies you that the infusion is complete. Simply open the spout to pour your newly infused liquid into a storage container. The results are perfect every time, and so much tastier than you imagine—whether it’s honey infused with lavender or THC.

One of the great aspects of this is that you can control the strength of your infusions and the ingredients. I accidentally made an edibles batch so powerful that I saw Elvis (the man, not the new movie), so I strongly recommend you check out recipes online and measure meticulously. Available in several colors, it’s considered the Cadillac of oil infusers, so if you’re looking to start a new culinary hobby with extra benefits, this machine will do it all!

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