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Cuomo faces calls to resign, stripping of emergency powers

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Anna Ruch, 33, said the governor touched her face and back and asked to kiss her moments after they met at a 2019 wedding reception.

Video Transcript

- A deepening crisis. Governor Cuomo, as he now faces a new accusation of sexual harassment, the latest for a 33-year-old woman who says the governor asked to kiss her moments after they met at a 2019 wedding reception. Calls for his resignation now becoming louder with each passing day.

- Political reporter Dave Evans is joining us live from the newsroom with the very latest. Dave?

DAVE EVANS: We haven't seen Governor Cuomo in public since last Wednesday. Usually we see him at least three times a week. The scandal is now being investigated by the Attorney General Tischa James. And many are saying, let's wait till she and an outside law firm release their findings. But as you mentioned already, there is a growing number of calls for Cuomo to resign.

For Governor Cuomo, the news just keeps getting worse. Kathleen Rice has now become the first Democrat from the New York congressional delegation to write, "The time has come. The governor must resign." This after "The New York Times" on Monday reported of a third woman, 33-year-old Anna Ruch, complaining about Governor Cuomo at a wedding, putting his hands on her face. She even provided a photo from the episode.

And she told "The Times," Cuomo moved his hand to the small of her back, exposed in an open-back dress within moments of being introduced. When she removed his hand, he called her aggressive and placed his hands on her cheeks and said, can I kiss you?

NICOLE MALLIOTAKIS: I believe he will leave prior to his term. And at this point, with the mounting allegations, I believe it could be by resignation most likely.

DAVE EVANS: Republicans have been calling on Cuomo to resign. But now a few Democrats are beginning to do the same. This morning, the mayor didn't say Cuomo must resign now. But he questioned how can he govern.

BILL DE BLASIO: If these allegations are true, he cannot govern. He would not be able to govern. It's as simple as that. You have to have trust from the people. And if you can't maintain that trust, you can't govern.

DAVE EVANS: Last night's allegation in "The New York Times" from Anna Ruch follows an accusation by former aide Charlotte Bennett, who claims Cuomo asked her questions about sex with an older man. Cuomo has said he was just being playful. And this comes after another former aide, Lindsay Boylan, wrote an essay, claiming Cuomo kissed her. He has denied that that ever happened.

The allegations have forced Cuomo out of the spotlight. And now even his family is weighing in on the scandal.

CHRIS CUOMO: Obviously, I'm aware of what's going on with my brother. And obviously, I cannot cover it because he is my brother.

DAVE EVANS: And this afternoon, a rally is scheduled for 5 o'clock outside the governor's office on Third Avenue. Critics there will be calling for his resignation. But again, most mainline Democrats are saying, let's wait until the investigation is complete. And it really just began yesterday.