Cuomo on COVID fatigue, 'This is a fight.'

The country's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said on Friday the federal government had put too much of the responsibility for distributing the vaccine on state governments.

Instead, he said, the administration should collaborate with the states to help them plan their rollouts and make sure that vaccines got into people's arms.

President Joe Biden on Saturday warned Americans that COVID will "get worse," before it gets better, but, "We also have to act now, now with urgency and unity."

Video Transcript

JOSEPH BIDEN: And the brutal truth is that things are going to get worse the next several months before they get better. We didn't get into this mess overnight. It's going to take time for us to turn things around.

ANDREW CUOMO: Let me say this about COVID. I was talking to a group last night. COVID fatigue. Well, we're tired of COVID. We're tired of COVID. It's 329 days. Yeah, I'm tired of COVID.

You see these bags? These are not for carrying groceries, these bags. It's been a long 329 days. But this is a war. Think of it like a war. And we've had generations who went to war, and 329 days is not long when you are at war, right?

We had generations that spent years at war. Concept of fatigue-- well, I'm tired. This is a fight. And when you tire before the enemy tires, you know what happens? The enemy wins.

What happens in Washington is really going to make a major effect on what happens in New York state. You don't have enough supply, and you've actually created anxiety and frustration by opening the valve that large when you only had a trickle of dosages. And that's why people are frustrated. I'm eligible, but I can't find the vaccine. The last thing you want on top of this chaos is people get a first dose and then they come back for their second dose and you say, we ran out.