The Cuomo Crony Helping Republicans Win in New York

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty/Alamy
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty/Alamy

No one really likes New York state Democratic Party chair Jay Jacobs, Lindsey Boylan tells host Andy Levy on this episode of The New Abnormal podcast.

Boylan was one of the first people to publicly accuse former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. Now the former Cuomo aide feels equally emboldened to call out Jacobs, a remnant of the Cuomo administration, first on TikTok, and now to Andy.

According to Boylan, Jacobs is to blame for solidly Democratic parts of New York turning red—mainly because of his hatred of progressives.

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“This is a person whose job it is to marshal all the money, all the messaging, and get Democrats elected across the state of New York. And if you look at a map of the country, like you prefaced all of this, we are in much more dire straits than anyone else. We lost more seats. The balance of the House is perhaps resting on us. The governor in a blue state barely got re-elected,” Boylan says.

“He’s the New York state Democratic Party chair, but for some reason, he has always seemed much more interested in going after the progressive wing of the Democratic Party than he has been going after Republicans. And we saw that a lot in this election cycle right now,” adds Andy.

One of the issues Jacobs pushed hard on was crime.

“He kind of piggybacked on what the Republicans were saying and used it to punch down on who he views as responsible, which are progressives,” explains Boylan.

“He does have a history of this. I think it was last year there was the mayoral race in Buffalo. Jacobs would not endorse the Democratic nominee India Walton, a progressive, and in fact compared her to [Ku Klux Klan leader] David Duke, and she ended up losing the election,” says Andy.

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Boylan and Andy also discuss whether New York Gov. Kathy Hochul will replace Jacobs and the implications for the nation if she doesn’t.

Plus! Andy chats midterm fallout with columnist Jeb Lund and both clock all of the lies, sad and hilarious, that Elon Musk has tweeted (and deleted) on the app.

And David Weigel, who covers politics at news site Semafor, explains how Fox News essentially screwed over midterm Republicans and the LGBTQ issue Republicans won’t touch these days.

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