Cuomo Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations When Asked At Press Conference

Gov. Cuomo faced reporters in person for the first time in months Monday.

Video Transcript

KRISTINE JOHNSON: Facing reporters in person for the first time in months, Gov. Cuomo fended off questions about his ongoing scandals, once again denying any wrongdoing.

- Did you do the things you are accused of?


- If Tish James' report comes back and finds the contrary, considering that you've said zero tolerance for sexual harassment in this state, will you discipline yourself or consider resigning?

GOV. ANDREW CUOMO: Yeah, the report can't say anything different, because I didn't do anything wrong.

KRISTINE JOHNSON: In a statement, the attorney for one of his accusers said, "At least nine women have come forward who have credibility accused him of unwelcome advances, unwelcome touching, and/or aggressive coping. This behavior is unequivocally wrong and unlawful."