Cuomo highlights racial disparity in vaccinations

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is highlighting the Javits convention center in New York as an effective COVID vaccination site, but he stressed that Blacks and other minorities are not receiving the vaccines equitably. (March 8)

Video Transcript

ANDREW CUOMO: This weekend the Javits Center did more vaccinations than any place in the United States of America. That's what we're doing here at Javits.

We're also announcing today another 10 new vaccination sites, as the production from the federal government is increasing. So as we're getting more, we are ready to distribute more. 53% of the population is white. 57% of the people who have been vaccinated are white. 53% of the population, 57% of those vaccinated.

Black population. 27% of the people in New York City are Black. Only 18% of the people vaccinated. Only 18% of the people vaccinated. Hispanic, 28% of the population, only 20% vaccinated. Asian population, 16% of the population, 23% of those vaccinated.