Cuomo: Mass vaccine site will address inequality

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the opening of two mass vaccination sites in New York state Wednesday aimed at "bringing social equity" to communities of color in Queens and Brooklyn. (Feb. 24)

Video Transcript

ANDREW CUOMO: This facility is the largest mass vaccination site in the state of New York. This facility, Medgar Evers in Brooklyn, 21,000 vaccines per week, the largest in the state. And this is the first in the state that says we're going to bring the vaccine to the community that needs it most. And we're going to give that community priority to get the vaccine.

So now when it comes to the vaccine, my point is correct the injustice that you created during COVID, where you had more Blacks die, more Hispanics die, higher positivity rate, less testing. Make sure we get the vaccine to these communities. And that's what we're doing here today.

Those communities get priority here because those communities were hardest hit. And basic justice requires you give the help first to the community that needs it most. And New York is proud to say they're bringing social equity to the situation.