Cuomo slams Trump over attack on Capitol, says prez has ‘made a mockery of America’

Denis Slattery, New York Daily News

ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo described the chaos that engulfed Washington on Wednesday as an “explosion of hate” that was the direct result of the rhetoric and actions of President Trump.

The governor said the riotous actions of the president’s supporters and the four deaths that resulted from the storming of the Capitol Building will define Trump’s legacy.

“President Trump started this four years ago. When you spread hatred and distrust and division, don’t be surprised at the ugliness,” Cuomo said during an call with reporters Thursday afternoon. “This is four years of placing wedges in every crack in society.”

“The story ends the way the story began,” he added.

The comments came hours after members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives voted to certify Joe Biden’s electoral win over Trump. The certification process was disrupted when mobs of angry Trump backers, fueled by the president’s baseless claims that the election was stolen, stormed and looted the Capitol.

Trump encouraged the crowds to march on the Capitol during a fact-challenged address earlier in the day.

Cuomo sent 1,000 National Guard members from New York to Washington late Wednesday at the request of officials.

As calls for Trump to be removed from office grow, the governor slammed Republicans and conservatives who have stood by the president over the past four years over what he described as their empty rhetoric about being the party of “law and order.”

“Even his great conservative allies now turn on him, because it was a universal disgrace for the entire world to see,” he said. “Party of law and order? They couldn’t stop thugs from breaking windows and climbing in and vandalizing the nation’s capital? Party of law and order? Law and order, and for hours on TV they couldn’t even stop a crowd of thugs? Think about the great irony. ‘I stand with police.’ It went on four hours.

“The party of law and order,” he added with in a sarcastic tone.

Cuomo struck an optimistic note as he talked about Biden’s victory over Trump and said he believes the country will unite in the face of the havoc unleashed on Washington.

“The American people reject hate, reject violence, reject division,” the governor said. “They do it now with one clear voice. That’s what he accomplished. Universal condemnation, which is what he deserved.”