Cuomo urges New York businesses to serve only vaccinated patrons

Cuomo urges New York businesses to serve only vaccinated patrons
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo requested the help of New York businesses in preventing the spread of COVID-19 by urging them to admit only vaccinated patrons.

Cuomo, a high-profile Democrat whose handling of the pandemic has been heavily scrutinized, asserted that declining to serve unvaccinated people is a wise business decision as he argued that customers want to dine and shop in safe environments.

"You can admit vaccinated-only people in to your establishment," Cuomo said during a briefing Wednesday. "I can argue that it is a smart business practice, because I want to go to a safe restaurant, and I want to go to a safe theater, and I want to go to a safe bar."


Cuomo also argued that restrictions could encourage more people to be vaccinated.

"I also think it provides a real incentive for people to get the vaccine," Cuomo added.

The governor pointed to other New York businesses that have reopened only for vaccinated people, such as Radio City Music Hall and professional sports teams.

"New York pioneered this," Cuomo said of requiring vaccinations.

A number of Republican-led states, including Florida and Texas, have prohibited businesses and government agencies from requiring proof of vaccination for staff and patrons.

Cuomo's recommendation follows a major announcement from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday in which the agency recommended that even vaccinated people should wear masks indoors in regions seeing increased infections. Officials cited the spread of the COVID-19's more infectious delta variant.

Authorities across the country have been responding to spikes in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, with some localities, such as Los Angeles County, announcing masking requirements that preceded even the CDC's updated guidance. Cities such as Chicago and Atlanta have also announced mask mandates for school children and staff for the fall term in the last week.


Cuomo also announced on Wednesday that New York will require state employees and healthcare workers at state hospitals to be vaccinated. The mandate is expected to go into effect on Labor Day weekend, Cuomo said.

Some congressional Republicans have criticized the new recommendations and mandates, especially the CDC's guidance for masking among the vaccinated, saying they undermine trust in the vaccine's efficacy and are not based on scientific evidence.

"The CDC's updated guidance deeply undermines vaccine confidence," Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington said Tuesday. "Mask mandates for more command and control will not build trust — only resentment."

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