Cupid to announce pick for elections board

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Jun. 7—Cobb Chairwoman Lisa Cupid is expected to announce at Tuesday's Board of Commissioners meeting her appointee to the Cobb Board of Elections. It remains to be seen who that will be.

Cupid told her fellow commissioners at a meeting Monday morning she had interviewed 16 candidates for the post on the five-member board, but wanted to notify the 15 who were not selected before announcing the pick.

The to-be-announced nominee will replace Darryl O. Wilson as the commission chair's appointment for a four-year term on the board. Wilson, a United Airlines pilot and Republican activist, was appointed in 2017. His term draws to a close at the end of June.

The five members of Cobb's local board are each appointed by a group of stakeholders. One member—currently Pat Gartland—is appointed by the local Republican Party, while Jessica M. Lutz was appointed by the Cobb Democratic Party. Phil Daniell and Fred Aiken, meanwhile, were appointed by Cobb's legislative delegation. Both men's terms also expire at the end of this month.

Senate Bill 202, which shook up the State Elections Board by stripping the Secretary of State of his chairmanship on that body, also brought new changes for local boards. Under the new law, the state body has new powers to temporarily suspend county-level elections boards and replace them with a single individual for a period of at least nine months.

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