Curbside Delivery: Hennepin Healthcare Security Officer Helps Deliver Baby In Car

A Minnesota mother is showing her thanks to the stranger that helped deliver her baby in a touching way, Kate Raddatz reports (2:08). WCCO 4 News At 6 - March 15, 2021

Video Transcript

- A Minnesota mother is showing her thanks to the stranger who helped deliver her baby in a touching way. Lacey Gonzalez and her husband were on their way to Hennepin Healthcare's Birth Center in downtown Minneapolis when she went into labor last week, but the baby wasn't waiting. As Kate Raddatz shares, it was an unlikely stranger who jumped in to make sure that baby Tiffany was delivered safely.

KATE RADDATZ: Babies come on their own timeline.

LACEY GONZALEZ: I kept telling myself on the way I know once I get to HCMC I will be safe, baby will be safe.

KATE RADDATZ: Lacey was surprised when she went into labor a couple of weeks early on the morning of March 8. She planned to deliver at Hennepin Healthcare's Birth Center.

LACEY GONZALEZ: It turned out that the second we pulled up to the emergency doors she decided to start entering the world.

KATE RADDATZ: Lacey's husband ran into the entrance of the emergency department asking for help. There weren't any doctors in front, but a security officer heard and came out to their vehicle.

TIFFANY OWEN: I saw the baby's head sticking out about an inch. I went into my own mom mode and professional mode.

KATE RADDATZ: Officer Tiffany Owen, who says she has trained for a potential scenario like this, tried to keep Lacey calm. Then she caught the newborn baby girl in her arms.

TIFFANY OWEN: One of the most amazing moments of my life.

KATE RADDATZ: After mom and baby finally made it into the hospital, the parents were asked what they wanted to name their daughter. Lacey looked up Tiffany's name, that means "manifestation from God."

LACEY GONZALEZ: And we decided to spell it-- spell "Tiffany" the same way as the officer that did the delivery.

KATE RADDATZ: A healthy baby girl named after the good Samaritan that helped bring her into the world.

TIFFANY OWEN: It's something that I'll go through the rest of my life with, being able to share that story. My daughter thinks it's pretty cool. I didn't name my daughter after me. So she was like, that's awesome, Mom.

LACEY GONZALEZ: It was very fitting for-- for our new addition to the family.

KATE RADDATZ: Kate Raddatz, WCCO 4 News.

- Lacey has now had all four of her children delivered by Hennepin Healthcare staff. Officer Owen was honored with a pink stork pen by the hospital for delivering baby Tiffany.