Mayor pushes to change 'two case' rule in NYC schools

NYC is scrapping the so-called "two case" closure rules at public schools which shut down schools if two COVID cases are found on campus.

Video Transcript

- Let's get to the latest on those restrictions being loosened in New York today. Derick Waller is live in the West Village with the details on that for us this morning. Derick?

DERICK WALLER: Shirleen, good morning. For the last year, there's been an 11:00 PM curfew or earlier some times, but right now it's at 11:00 PM for many different industries. It continues for restaurants. They are still forced to close at 11:00 PM and 50% capacity.

But it is ending today for several other industries. Take a look at your screen. That curfew ends for movie theaters, casinos, bowling alleys, billiard halls, and gyms. They can now stay open past 11:00.

Restaurants still facing that restriction at 50% capacity. That's because of concerns about a more contagious COVID variant. Still, new cases are trending down and travel is trending up.

More than a million passengers a day getting screened at TSA checkpoints nationwide over the last couple of weeks. That's as vaccinations now hit four million a day nationwide. Mayor de Blasio says the city is well on its way to a major milestone.

BILL DE BLASIO: I think we're going to hit that goal of 5 million fully vaccinated New Yorkers by June. By summer, I think it's going to be verifiable that this is a place you can come and do a lot of great activities, a lot of great outdoor cultural activities, outdoor dining, and a lot of other things and be safe. So I think it will be a big part of our recovery.

DERICK WALLER: And so that was the mayor speaking on the radio on Friday. We're going to hear from him again at his daily 10:00 AM press conference today. But right there, you heard him. He said we're predicting a little bit of a bump in tourism, perhaps happening this summer.