Customer kicked out for not wearing pants smashes windows, doors of Chinese restaurant in Queens

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A man booted out of a Chinese restaurant in Flushing, Queens, for not wearing pants retaliated by smashing glass windows and doors at the establishment on Saturday.

The incident at 4 Choices & A Soup on Roosevelt Avenue reportedly began at around 4:40 p.m. when the man showed up with a hammer after entering the restaurant with no pants earlier in the day and returning several times after.

Security footage from inside the restaurant caught the violent rampage. The unidentified customer, who was wearing a red shirt, allegedly smashed doors, windows and glass surrounding the food bar.

Restaurant staff described the man as a regular customer who had mental health issues. Owner Jenny Xie, 48, said the man urinates in front of their business and was completely undressed on one occasion.

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“Everybody knows that he has a mental problem, so most of the time we … serve him right away,” Xie told the New York Post. “We don’t wait too long to get him his food.”

Xie said the man had no underwear on the day of the incident.

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“Just disgusting. So we told him to go out,” she recalled. “He had no underwear.”

Police quickly arrested the man. The restaurant had previously obtained a restraining order against him for harassing them in the past.

The suspect has been charged with criminal mischief and criminal contempt for violating the protection order. However, Xie hopes he receives psychiatric help rather than being sent to jail.

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“We think if he takes his medicine he is very normal. He comes in and says ‘hello’ to us,” Xie told the Post.


Featured Image via ABC7 New York

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