Customers and Staff Hide as Tornado Hits Pennsylvania Car Dealership

Staff and customers at a car dealership in Trevose, Pennsylvania, sought cover in a bathroom when a tornado hit the premises on July 29.

Footage by Shahzada Shakeel shows the moment employees and patrons rushed toward the bathroom as the tornado approached Faulkner Mazda Trevose.

“I did not expect to capture this on film. I was just trying to videotape the rain but then things started to pick up quite quickly,” Shakeel told Storyful.

“Wind picked up and so did the rain and then before you know it… glass shattering everywhere and things are being thrown around and we’re all rushing into the bathroom,” he said of the experience.

Shakeel’s video also shows the severe damage done to the dealership’s showroom, as well as to the cars outside.

The dealership said in a Facebook post that everyone was safe following the incident.

“Happy to report that every employee and customer at Faulkner Mazda Trevose and all of our other locations are 100% safe and accounted for,” the post reads. The post also noted that the business would be temporarily closed due to the damage caused by the storm. Credit: Shahzada Shakeel via Storyful

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