How to cut your bangs at home according to Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo Skype’s with Insider’s Caroline Aghajanian to teach her how to cut her bangs at home. Brad is a NYC-based hairstylist who owns his own hair care company, XMONDO hair. He’s styled backstage at New York Fashion Week, and celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Shay Mitchell. Brad posts hairstyle reaction videos to hair tutorials on his YouTube page which has over 4 million subscribers. In this video, Brad first determines Caroline’s face shape and which bang style will best match her. His major pointers to cutting bangs at home are investing in hairdressing scissors to avoid damaging the ends, cutting on dry hair, and never cutting bangs horizontally. While many salons and hair shops are currently closed, you can support your local salons by setting up virtual appointments, buying a gift card for your next visit, having your hairstylist formulate your hair color, and buying from indie hair care brands.

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