Cute video alert! Meet Zoo Knoxville's newest little residents

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Say hello to Zoo Knoxville's newest (and cutest) residents.

Zoo Knoxville gave fans a first look at the African lions born last month at Zoo Knoxville.

Maji, a male, and Anga, a female, are the first African lions born at the zoo since 2006. The pint-sized big cats were born to three-year-old lion Amara.

The two lion cubs were given Swahili names: Maji means "water" and Anga means "sky." The names are a nod to the cubs' father, Upepo, which translates to "wind."

This week, the big cat duo will get a proper introduction to the Valley of the Kings exhibit and be reunited with their parents.

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The cubs are the surviving members of Amara's four-cub litter, born by emergency Caesarean section Dec. 21.

Amara and Upepo were brought to Zoo Knoxville for a lengthy period of courtship, and this is the first litter for both. Amara arrived in Knoxville last spring, about six months after Upepo made his debut.

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