Get a cutting-edge $200 dual dash cam for $140 with this special coupon

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Sorry to be a bit frank, but you’re absolutely nuts if you drive around without a dash cam. Like, straight-up insane. This simple little gadget can mean the difference between having repairs covered when a car accident isn’t your fault, or having to pay out of your own pocket and seeing your insurance premium skyrocket if the driver at fault lies and the cops believe the story. If you want the latest and greatest dash cam with all the bells and whistles but you don’t want to pay top dollar, today is your lucky day. Clip the on-site coupon and use the promo code CV3QKS29 at checkout, and you can get the awesome Rexing V3 Dual-Camera 1080p Dash Cam for just $139.99 instead of $200!

Here’s the key info from the Amazon page:

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  • FULL HD DUAL CHANNEL RECORDING: Front and cabin (inside-facing) cameras each record 1080p video @ 30fps. 170 DEGREE ULTRA WIDE ANGLE LENSES on both cameras open up to capture sweeping views of their surroundings.
  • INFRARED NIGHT VISION AND ADAS: Cabin camera depicts night scenes with absolute clarity using an intelligent infrared night vision sensor. ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS provides the most advanced and optimized visual recognition algorithms ensure safe driving by providing real time Lane Departure. WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE allows both cameras to perform optimally in low-light situations by carefully fine-tuning the exposure.
  • BUILT-IN GPS & WI-FI CONNECT: Internal GPS Logger allows you to mark time, date, location, and speed information to your recordings. View, save, and share dash cam recordings wirelessly on your mobile device with the use of the free Rexing Connect app, available now for iOS and Android devices.
  • SUPERCAPACITOR & PARKING MONITOR: Power is delivered with the help of a supercapacitor, a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery which features an enhanced temperature resistance to hot and cold climates.With the parking monitor feature, the dash camera will automatically turn on and record when the car camera detects vibration OR dash cam will capture frames for a time lapse video for 24/7. Please connect the smart hardwire kit to activate the parking mode.
  • LOOP RECORDING & GRAVITY SENSOR: When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. Supports UHS-I Class 10 or higher MicroSD cards (up to 256GB). When the built-in G-sensor inside the dashboard camera detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring that important footage is kept. Locked video will be safe from being overwritten.

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