Cy Creek girls' basketball has the 'recipe' to win championship

Do they have what it takes this year? After losing state last year, this more experienced, undefeated team says they're ready to take it all.

Video Transcript

JOE GLEASON: Cy Creek brings talent.

RORI HARMON: Knowing that we've been undefeated until this point, it gives you a little bit more push.

JOE GLEASON: And experience.

KYNDALL HUNTER: There's nothing we've done this far that we haven't done before.

JOE GLEASON: It's the Cougars third time to make state in four years.

- We've been in these moments. We've been to the state championship game. And now it's just time to finish it off.

JOE GLEASON: In Cy Creek's first trip to state in 2018, three current players-- Taylor Jackson, Kyndall Hunter, and Rori Harmon-- all freshmen on that team. Well, now they're seniors. And as you can imagine, things have changed.

RORI HARMON: Knowing what's going on. I didn't really know what playoffs were, what state was. I was just playing to play.

JOE GLEASON: Was it amazing to you that last year, you were playing middle school. And this year, you're playing in the state tournament?

KYNDALL HUNTER: It's so much different.

JOE GLEASON: Do you remember the freshman year [INAUDIBLE] day?

KYNDALL HUNTER: Yeah, it was bad.

JOE GLEASON: What was that like for you?

KYNDALL HUNTER: I didn't really know anything.

JOE GLEASON: And now she does. With teammate Rori Harmon, they make up the best back court duo in the nation. They'd like to add state champs to an impressive list of accomplishments.

RORI HARMON: Knowing the meaning of it, it brings a lot more motivation.

KYNDALL HUNTER: So I feel like we have the recipe. And we know what we need to do, as far as playing hard.

JOE GLEASON: Joe Gleason, "ABC13 Eyewitness Sports."