This cleaning putty will disinfect all your devices

Anya Meyerowitz
This £7.99 cleaning gum for your gadgets is highly effective at removing dirt (Getty Images)
This £7.99 cleaning gum for your gadgets is highly effective at removing dirt (Getty)

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While you’d think your bathroom was the number one source of germs, over the years numerous studies have shown that your handheld electronics probably holds more bacteria than your toilet seat.

Thanks to the new Screen Time feature on iPhones we can all keep track of the hundreds of times we pick up our phone each day, as well as the hours we spend scrolling.

Every time we use an electronic device, whether it be a work laptop, tablet or phone it gives the opportunity for microorganisms to move from your fingers to the device.

Want to know how you can get rid of the bacterial build-up?

You can use gadget-friendly sanitiser wipes to keep your devices clean, but you’ll probably find it won’t reach every nook and cranny. That’s where Cyber Clean’s ‘cleaning gum’ comes in.

The cleaning gum will throughly sanitize all your devices. (Amazon)
The cleaning gum will thoroughly sanitise all your devices (Amazon)

The Cyber Clean Home & Office Tub is a revolutionary high-tech, cleaning compound that is not only reusable but can get into cracks and crevices (like in between the keyboard and into USB ports) without leaving any residue behind.

The product, which has almost a thousand ratings on Amazon, cleans and kills up to 80% of germs and leaves a fresh, citrus scent in its wake.

Although the gel won’t remove stains from your devices, it will remove dust, dirt and most bacteria.

It’s ideal if you’re sharing devices with others or just if you’re bored of finding crumbs all over your space bar.

Clean-conscious customers have left hundreds of glowing reviews on the shopping site, imploring others to buy the affordable product.

Buy it: Cyber Clean Home & Office 145g Tub | £7.99 from Amazon

“This cleaning gel is good at doing what it does - it's very good at picking up dust, dirt, etc from complex surfaces such as phones tablets or laptops,” one shopper wrote.

While another commented: “This has worked a treat for me in my office at work. We do desk-sharing (read "germ-sharing"), so having this, which both cleans and disinfects at the same time, is a real boon.”

A number of reviews recommend brushing your laptop first to dislodge the particles and then running the gel over it to maximise effectiveness.

We’re about to have the cleanest gadgets in town.

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