Cyclist Struck by ATV After NYPD Officer Attempts to Stop Rider

A cyclist was struck by a rider on an ATV after a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer attempted to stop the four-wheeler on September 18.

Footage recorded by Marcus Murphy captures the incident, as an NYPD officer with an extended baton is seen attempting to stop an oncoming ATV rider. The driver, refusing to slow down, slips past the officer and hits a cyclist before fleeing the scene.

The NYPD provided a statement to Storyful confirming the incident, saying “the ATV struck an uninvolved 44-year-old female bicyclist” who was later transferred to Lincoln Hospital and is "in stable condition.

“There are no arrests and the investigation to identify the ATV rider remains ongoing,” the NYPD said.

Murphy told Storyful he was initially flagged down by NYPD officers prior to the incident due to a helmet violation while riding his electric scooter. The NYPD said in their statement that they were in the area “conducting an enforcement initiative targeting illegal e-bikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs.”

Earlier this year, Mayor Eric Adams tweeted about how his administration was going after illegal dirt-bike and ATV operators in the city, warning them “you’ll get crushed.” Credit: Marcus Murphy / @lilmwm via Storyful

Video Transcript

- You go on there.

- You guys believing this?

- This is harassment. Now, you're delaying my life, man.

- You don't have a license plate, number one. So that's why we looking to stop. By the way, you don't have a helmet either.

- But I don't-- I don't need a helmet if it doesn't go over 30 miles an hour.

- Yes, you do.

- No, I do not. Say that one more time on camera. Please say that. If it-- if it goes-- if it doesn't go over 30 miles an hour, I need a helmet.


Say that. Say that on the record.

- If it rides over 30, has to have a license.

- My vehicle does not ride over 30, sir. So I don't understand why you stopped me. I do not need a helmet for this.

- 30 miles an hour, you need a helmet.

- Look at him. Look at that. Look at that. Look at that. Look at [MUTED]. Come on. Look at that. What the [MUTED]? This officer right here needs to be arrested. You need to be arrested. You need to be arrested, sir. You need to be arrested.

- No, I'm not.

- Yes. I just got the whole thing on camera.

- I tried to stop the motorcycle.

- What do you [MUTED]. It's worth lives?

- Listen. Stop that.

- It's worth people dying? Is that worth that? Is it worth that?

- Come on, sir.

- No. Write me my summons. Write me my summons. Let me go home. I want my-- I want to go. I do-- you cannot stop me for that, sir.

- OK, hang on.

- I've been stopped before. I've been to court. I already know my--

- OK.

- I know my rights.

- I just showed you--

I do not need this registered. It does not go over 30. Get that officer to give me back my ID, please. This is harassment. This is harassment. Y'all killed--

- I just show you--

- --people last week.

- I just show you--

- Some dude just ran into y'all vehicle, and you guys did it on purpose.

- I just show you--

- Now we got another thing. Come on.

- [INAUDIBLE] was crossing the street. They're trying to deal with--

- Do you know who did that? Do you know who did that?

- Yeah.



- All over a scooter. All over scooters.

- That wasn't a scooter, that thing, though, that hit her. That was a four-wheeler.

- It was-- OK, over a four-wheeler. You wanted to hit the guy so bad on a four-wheeler.

- Who wants to?

- Yeah. What happens when you hit somebody riding 30 miles an hour?

- Who wants to hit--

- accident.

- Who wants to hit him?

- He did. He pulled out his baton and struck the guy.


- Yes, you hit the guy with the baton.

- No, I did not.

- I have it on video.

- No, I did not.

- You'll see it on the news. You're going to be famous.

- I did not hit him.

- You're going to be famous. You're going to be famous as hell.


- You're going to be famous as hell.



- And he's not writing my summons. Like, come on, man. Yep. That's the guy who exactly-- exactly. I have him on-- I have it all on video. Come one, already. Sir, why the [MUTED]

- Come on, bro.


- Come on, bro.

- [INAUDIBLE] entirely [MUTED]. What you talking about? I'm out here doing a survey. I'm out here because I want to be out here.

- No one said--