Cynthia Nixon Says ‘Ratched’ Avoiding the Bury Your Gays Cliche Is a ‘Gift’

EW's Gerrad Hall chats with Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon, and Sophie Okonedo about their roles in 'Ratched.'

Video Transcript

- Your character was supposed to die in the first season. So at what point did Ryan or Ian whoever it was tell you, we're actually thinking of keeping you around?

CYNTHIA NIXON: If anybody ever came and said that to me, I think we'd just cut script, you know? And I think also Judy, and Tim were also supposed to die. And they obviously didn't.

But I think, I mean, I think it was a tremendous gift that Ryan gave us that we were so used to the cliche of the queer love story that ends in tragedy, at least to one of the partners. And I think that that is one of-- I think that's the main reason that our story didn't-- took a detour from that.

Which was that these women have gone through so much to actually, finally be in a place where they can acknowledge that they love each other and let's not snatch it away from them. Let's actually let them have that at least for a time.