Cypress dad cracks joke in graduation sign for sons

Is dad playing favorites?🤔 This Cypress dad explains the good fun behind the signs he made for the son who achieved a valedictorian title and the other who did not.

Video Transcript

- We're all doing well, you know. Ryan will be graduating from school Tuesday, which is the day after tomorrow. And he just graduated from A&M two weeks ago. And we just had a party yesterday for both kids, so it's been an interesting week.

- Awesome. And then when I was driving into your neighborhood, I came in from that side over there. Describe your neighborhood for me. Like, when I drove in it looks pretty lively. Other people have signs.

- Yes.

- Different stuff, what is your neighborhood like?

- I've been living here for close to 20 years now. So both of these kids just grew up in this area. And, you know, all my friends, neighbors, they're amazing people. You know? If you asked me for something negative about this subdivision, I cannot find one. It's very friendly people, very nice people. So, you know, I mean, I really like this place.

- So but it's not strange for people to express themselves with signs or different things--

- Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You know, so here, like you know, Cypress, it's basically a sports town, you know. So almost every house you will see sports signs. And graduation time, you'll see a lot of graduation signs everywhere. And if you look around, you know, because Memorial, almost every house has, you know, the American flag there. That's quite common here. That's normal here.

- Tell me about your signs--

- Oh, boy. [LAUGHTER] You know, so basically like, as I said, he was graduating, and I had an idea that, you know, he's going to be a valedictorian. So, you know, day after his graduation, I said, hey, Justin, we should put a sign up there. And, you know, he's good at making signs and those kind of things. I'm not.

So I said, you know, why don't you make a sign. And he said, sure. And I said, oh, no, when you're making it, make one for you as well. I'm like, sure. So I said, you know, because he's going to be a valedictorian, let's do this. Let's brag and put valedictorian at the bottom.

And he said, sure, how about for me? And he graduated, you know, almost top of his class as well. So I said, you're not a valedictorian. So why don't we just put, not valedictorian. So he said, that's easy. I'm like, Yeah, why don't you, now.

So he said, OK. So he said, OK, I'm going to put it in caps. I'm like, I was just kidding. He said, no, no, no, I'm actually going to do it. And, you know, that's-- and I said, OK, all our neighbors are going to get some chuckle out of it, you know. And so I didn't think anything about it. And he just put it out there.

- And you were telling me about that. It was more than a little chuckle from the neighbors reacting to you guys--

- Oh, my God.

- --about their reaction?

- So I was expecting, you know, people do. And I never expected him to post it. I thought, OK, it will be just there and people will get a smile out of it. And then they posted it. Oh, my God.

Then within hours later, like, you know, I was getting calls from my friends, my co-workers, my wife's workplace. And the kids were like, you know, oh, I got this many like's, I'm at this many like's, I'm like, Oh, wow. So I'm like, you know, do you think you're going to get about 100? I said maybe, you know, I don't have that many followers. So no, might not.

But then it just blew up. I think we ended up with, you know, right now it's about close to 20 million views or something on Twitter. So and the 15 seconds of fame, it was interesting.

- That's awesome. What does family mean to you?

- That's everything for me, you know? These kids, I'm so proud of these both kids. And, you know, me and my wife, you know, that's our life, our kids. That's it, you know? So yeah.

- And what does education mean to you and your family?

- It is very high up there, you know. Family values, then education, definitely. And they had the option to decide what they want to do. And he decided to go for mechanical engineering. And he will be attending UT, and he will be doing computer science, so, you know.

- I think, you know, a lot of times when you see, like you mentioned, the sports flags, and a lot of sports, that gets a lot of emphasis. And there's nothing wrong with that or attention. So I think it's pretty cool that, you know, academics gets some recognition and attention, you know? And you have a nice dash of sense of humor, I think, you know?

- [LAUGHTER] That's not what people are telling me.

- The smart ones get it, I think.

- Yeah, I think so. I think so. Like a lot of people said, like, you know, I'm putting him down, and, you know, I'm bragging about him. But that was not a literal thing, was, you know, it's graduation season. And these kids went through, I don't know, all the last four years.

Fled drought, freeze, COVID. I mean, the last four years has been really interesting, you know? So I'm like, you know, at the end of the year, why don't we just, you know, take it easy and have fun, you know?

- I think that's pretty cool.