Czech medic injured in Russian shelling in Donbas, condition serious but stable

Doctors save the life of a soldier
Doctors save the life of a soldier

The volunteer’s condition has stabilized, but he remains in a serious condition, the report said.

“One of our brave medical volunteers was hit by shrapnel in Donbas,” the post reads.

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“At the moment his condition has stabilized, but the situation is serious and further developments cannot be predicted. We’re doing everything we can so that he can return to the homeland soon.”

The Czech volunteer was assisting in the evacuation of people wounded during an artillery attack, a Phoenix project spokesman named only as Ondrzej reported.

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“He was hit by shrapnel. He was given immediate help, but his injuries are very serious,” the spokesman told Czech television.

According to Ondrzej, the wounded volunteer is a very respected and important member of the group.

“He alone saved over 25 people during his last trip,” he said.

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Since the onset of the conflict, the Phoenix Association has been involved on the front lines in Ukraine, beginning in April 2022. Comprised of volunteers, the group offers material and medical assistance during battles and in areas affected by the hostilities.

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